Wallz ApS
Langebrogade 5
1411 København V

Phone: +45 6165 9497

e-mail: info@wallzcopenhagen.com


What are the tiles made of?

EVA-foam, which is also used in keychains, mats, flip flops etc.
EVA-foam is choosen because it is light-weight, resistant and the colors look great on the walls.

Does the tiles damage my walls?

No, but they can leave a small foam-residue which is easily removed with a finger or dry cloth.

Does Wallz work with all wall types?

Yes, all tests was done on some of the most uneven wall types and because of the light weight tiles they only need very little surface to stick.

What is the brick size?

The tiles are 2,5cm*2,5cm (1inch*1inch) squares and 0,8cm thick.